NOYNOY, a household name in Greece


NOYNOY is a household name in Greece, with generations of children growing up drinking this famous milk, which first hit Greek supermarket shelves in 1929.

This concentrated milk is pure, whole cows milk with all its cream. It is a distinct form of evaporated milk that has become an integral part of the daily diet of the Greek family.


Many use it as a substitute for milk and add it to their morning tea or coffee.

This famous brand is also used in desserts and is by far the evaporated milk of choice when making a Frappe me gala.

In the 1980s, the NOYNOY product range was expanded with NOYNOY Light condensed milk and NOYNOY milk. In the 1990s NOYNOY also entered the market with pre-school infant milk and pre-school children, Noulac and NOYNOY kid.


From when it first started 89 years ago, the NOYNOY assortment has grown and now also contains yellow cheeses in 22 varieties, plus fresh milk, powdered milk, chocolate milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream is currently sold under the ΝΟΥΝΟΥ brand.

Although it is a Greek dairy brand made in Greece and with headquarters in Marousi, Athens, it is owned by Dutch dairy company Friesland Campina.