Parliament: 295 of the 300 MP's have been vaccinated

Greek Parliament 300

295 Members of Greece's 300-seated Parliament are vaccinated for COVID-19, according to Vice President of the Parliament Nikitas Kaklamanis.

Unvaccinated MPs are required to submit two negative diagnostic tests per week in order to participate in the work of Parliament non-virtually.

Parliamentary representative of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Giannis Ragkousis, announced that all members of the party were vaccinated.

He also questioned whether all Members of Parliament from the ruling New Democracy party were vaccinated, thus instigating the announcement of figures by Kaklamanis.

Representatives of Hellenic Solution questioned the data as it would contradict what party president Velopoulos has said about not wanting to be a "guinea pig."

In the 300-seated parliament, Hellenic Solution have tens seats, thus meaning some of their members have been vaccinated.

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