Thousands attend funeral of Greek American rapper Mad Clip

mad clip 1

Greek-American trap rapper Mad Clip who tragically died in a car accident in Athens on September 2, was finally laid to rest yesterday.

The funeral service, which was broadcast live from an church in Paleo Faliro, was attended by thousands of fans of the late artist.

Born Panagiotis “Peter” Anastasopoulos, New York in 1987, he was known by his stage name Mad Clip (Money and Drugs Can’t live in poverty) he settled permanently in Greece in 2016 after the separation of his parents, dreaming of escaping everything that drowned him and to taste success, fame, the big life, beautiful girls and expensive cars.

“With music you become immortal,” he once said in an interview. “Even artists who have passed away, you listen to them and it is as if they are coming to life again.”

“I then said to myself, that it does not make sense to just live, to die and not be remembered by anyone.

“I did not start music for money. I wanted to leave a legacy, a story, a footprint.

“Someone can listen to me and say that Mad Clip was a lad who did something.”