iPhone 13 is here with Apple set to unveil the new iPhone at a virtual event

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Apple has finally announced their Virtual event, named 'California Streaming', which is set to take place on Wednesday, September 15 at 3 am AEST where it is anticipated the next iPhone will be announced.

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With expected precision, Apple's invitation to the event arrived an exact week out from the event itself. This has been the case now for several years (with the exception of 2020) that the new iPhone launch happens in Mid-September, guaranteeing an upgrade cycle year on year for all the major Telcos and retail chains. 

There are hardly any companies that are subject to the rumours of a new product like apple, so it's hard to assume what the new model will feature exactly. Based on the best information and analysis out there, here's what it is believed will shape the 2021 Apple iPhone.





  1. A new "look" display- Every iPhone since the iPhone X has featured what's known as the "notch". A blackened-out area of the screen where the speaker and front camera and sensors sit. The screen works either side, showing the time and your network connectivity, but on the iPhone 13, it's expected that notch will reduce in size, though not disappear entirely - something other brands have achieved with a hole punch or even under-display cameras. This change is primarily believed to be achieved by moving the ear-speaker up to the very edge of the phone. Widely tipped is that the display itself will feature a faster refresh rate, something that makes movement on the screen more fluid. Again, many others are doing this with 120Hz refresh rates, and while Apple has this in their top-end iPads, it has not yet made it into the iPhone. sunset gold iphone 13 render
  2. iPhone 13's design, changed much?- Notwithstanding the tweaks to the display, it's expected the iPhone 13 will look almost identical to the 2020 release iPhone 12. There are suggestions for a new Bronze colour, and also a Matte Black finish.
  3. Improved cameras- Probably Apple's best feature. As is always the case, cameras will improve, better quality, better handling of bright and low light, and talk of an eye to space, with night sky star photography improved.
  4. Performance?- This is where Apple excels. The Processor is the brain of the phone. Apple has the most remarkable performance and capabilities with its own unique onboard chips. We expect an "A15" processor to continue this trend, and while it's certainly not a visual element of the phone, it will enable features and performance unlike any other.
  5. How many models of iPhone 13's will there be?- Just like 2020, we expect four models: The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  6. When will the iPhone 13 be available? We've saved the best till last- Anticipate that the iPhone 13 will go on sale on September 24. Even though last year the launch was spread over several weeks, be prepared that could be repeated. 
  7. How much will the iPhone 13 cost? Big bucks!- While Samsung managed a price drop on their revolutionary Z Fold and Z Flip range, don't expect the same from Apple. Expect once again for these to be the most expensive iPhones ever! 

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