Mad Clip: Grandfather complains cross worth €10,000 was missing from the body

Mad Clip grandfather pappou

Shocking revelations were made by the grandfather of Peter (Panagiotis) Anastasopoulos, more commonly known as Mad Clip, when speaking on ANT to Faia Skorda and Giorgos Liagas.

He himself revealed how he learned about the car accident and complained that things of great monetary value were stolen from his grandson's body.

"I thank all the youth of Greece that I met yesterday at the funeral in the cemetery… I did not expect such a reception," he said.

"Unfortunately, he passed away early in life and could not make use of his work.

"I last saw him on July 20, because I am in the village.

"He put me in the car which unfortunately killed him. This Porsche.

"We went somewhere and came back. When I left he said 'grandpa, I love you,' and I told him 'I love you too'."

The grandfather then I spoke about Mad Clip's partner, claiming "my grandson loved her, but she betrayed him."

"His mother had told me in February 2021 that if she broke up with Panagiotis, he would not be able to stand it. And at the wedding, they did not speak at all.

"I was in the village when the accident happened.

"His mother picked me up and asked for the phone number of Dimitris, his father. And he was crying.

"I understood and asked if the child suffered from anything. He did not tell me.

"As soon as the phone rang I turned on the TV and saw it. I told my wife 'the child is gone, he was killed.'

"How can a child be killed? My grandson was not a driver.

"The cross worth €10,000 euros was missing from the body. Someone took it.

"The phone was also missing.

"Only his wallet, which had €8,400, was found," Mad Clip's grandfather said among other things.

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