Mad Clip's Father: He turned off his car's security system, not a good example for the youth

Mad Clip

The father of famous trapper Mad Clip spoke to Alpha TV about the circumstances of his sons death.

"My son was a very good driver, he also participated in races in Cyprus and from a young child he had an obsession with cars, as did his father... that is, me," the father of Mad Clip.

"Beyond that, because his car is low and the engine is at the back, when you turn off the antispin security systems, like my son did, you drive it with your hands.

"This particular car could never go wrong if the safety systems were on.

"When one wheel slips, it brakes the car on its own and picks it up."

However, he explained that his son always turned off the system when he went to Vouliagmeni, something they did many times times.

"My lad wanted to show me the car and I told him 'my boy do not drive like that, it is not good, go to a track'," Mad Clip's father said.

"It was his hobby, he wanted to get away. This is not a good example for the youth and the world.

"I told him 'boy, be careful, you saw what happened to Pantelidis'. I brought it to him as an example to watch out for.

"Also, in this particular place the road is watered 9 out of 10 times, the road was definitely slippery from long ago, so it is possible that the wheel got water."

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