MEXICO: Supreme Court rules against criminalisation of abortion; imprisoned women likely to be freed


Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled unanimously against the criminalization of abortion noting it as unconstitutional, with the historic win to potentially see hundreds of imprisoned women released from prison.

"This is a historic step for women's rights," said Supreme Court Justice Luis Maria Aguilar.

The decision,  a major victory for women's health and human rights advocates, comes as some US states enact stricter abortion laws,  especially in Texas, which last week enacted the strictest anti-abortion law in the country after the US Supreme Court refused to intervene.

The decision may also lead women from the US, from states such as Texas, to decide to travel south of the border to terminate their pregnancies.

The Mexican court ruling, in a country with a Roman Catholic majority follows moves to decriminalise abortion at the state level, although most of the country still enforces strict laws against women who terminate their pregnancies prematurely.