ABC News Australia Apologises to Archbishop Makarios: "Never our intention"

Archbishop Makarios

On 16 April 2021, the ABC published an article about the conduct of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australian in connection with its aged care facilities.

The ABC claimed that this story was "not intended to suggest that Archbishop Makarios of Australia had personally funnelled money from St Basils to the Greek Orthodox Church, or that he had personally spent money intended for aged care on his own lifestyle."

However, despite this supposedly not being their intention, it was the end result of their article.

They also claimed that the story was "not intended to suggest that Archbishop Makarios had through any action on his part negligently caused the deaths of the 45 residents at the St Basils aged care home in Melbourne."

"Any such interpretation of the article is incorrect," the ABC said.

The broadcaster claimed that "the extent any readers understood the story in this way, the ABC apologises to Archbishop Makarios for any hurt or offence experienced."

"This was never the ABC’s intention," the statement concluded.

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