ATHENS: Doctor claims to have been healed and walks without crutches thanks to miracle icon (VIDEO)

An opthalmic surgeon in Athens claims to have been miraculously healed following her veneration of an icon of the Virgin Mary in the suburb of Virona according to the religious site ekklisia-online.

Following is her full testimony as reported to the religious site:

“My name is Anastasia Filindra- Tambakaki. I am MD, Ph.D – Ophthalmic Surgeon with a private practice while I also work with a large hospital in the southern suburbs.

“Three years ago I had a serious accident. I was a co-driver in my husband’s car and after a collision with another car we were nailed to the railing parallel to the National Road Athens Lamia at the height of Agios Stefanos Attica.

“The result of the accident was a complete fracture with displacement of my bone parts with a partial collapse and I was forced by my doctor Mr. Xenos to use a cane after months of treatment etc.

“Four months ago I visited the Our Lady The Comforter ( Παναγία Παρηγορήτρια) in Virona, I prayed to her with all my soul.

“Then I went home, two days passed and one Tuesday morning I got up, took two steps and to my surprise I did not feel any pull.

“The same day I went to my doctor and he was surprised to notice that the bone began to recover and that the overwhelming fracture permanently healed.

“I supply you with my  photos and videos from my pilgrimage without crutches”