Greek government to fire and fine up to 5,000 euros those faking vaccination certificates


The Greek government has condemned the circulation of fake coronavirus vaccination certificates warning that it is illegal act that will be punished under the law.

Speaking with ALPHA TV on Wednesday, government spokesperson Yiannis Economou called the act of issuing counterfeit coronavirus vaccination certificates "a blatantly illegal act," adding that it can be tracked, and authorities can intervene immediately.

Economou said that there should be no tolerance for such phenomena adding that fines of up to 5,000 euros and disciplinary penalties, including dismissal, are included in the relevant legal framework.

Meanwhile, earlier on Wednesday prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas, of Greece's Supreme Civil and Criminal Court 'Arios Pagos' issued a circular in relation to the phenomena of false and fake coronavirus vaccination certificates.

In his circular, Pliotas urges all prosecutors at Courts of First Instance and Courts of Appeals nationwide to be vigilant and to intervene immediately when they are informed of the existence of these, and to deal with the criminal part of these cases without delay.

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