Greek Island of Milos scores number 1 on T+L’s 2021 World’s Best Islands List

Exploring the magical Cycladic island of Milos

The Greek islands of Milos, Folegandros and Santorini are among the best globally, as voted by the readers of Travel + Leisure (T+L) magazine.

The best islands in the world, according to T+L, “are the kind of Instagram-perfect destinations that travellers fantasize about on winter evenings: dreamy, sun-drenched landscapes surrounded by the bluest waters”.

Milos, a famous Greek tourism destination, ranks first on the “Top 25 Islands in the World” list with 95.50 points.

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Plenty of stunning isles around the globe entice with the trifecta of sun, sand, and sea. But a legacy of art and ancient history gave this Aegean destination added appeal for voters.

Mílos rose from its No. 3 spot last year thanks to friendly locals who welcome visitors to explore the quaint villages, extraordinary tavernas, and dozens of picturesque beaches that vary in colour depending on whether they are formed from shells, stones, or sand,” T+L said.

Folegandros also scored 95.47 points, taking second place, which gave Greece the first two spots.

Folegandros is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea that, together with Sikinos, Ios, Anafi and Santorini, forms the southern part of the Cyclades.

Barely more than 12 square miles in size, the Cycladic paradise is only a ferry ride away from Santorini check out the whitewashed architecture and aquamarine waters.


Santorini, Greece's international vacation spot, ranks 13th on the list. Part of the Cyclades island group, Santorini (officially known as Thira, a name that encompasses the volcanic islets within Santorini's orbit)


T+L: Top 25 Islands in the World

1. Mílos, Greece

2. Folegandros, Greece

3. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

4. Madeira, Portugal

5. Andaman Islands, India

6. Sicily, Italy

7. Koh Samui, Thailand

8. Bali, Indonesia

9. Island of Hawaii

10. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

11. Kauai, Hawaii

12. Maui, Hawaii

13. Santorini, Greece

14. the Maldives

15. Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

16. Sardinia, Italy

17. Harbour Island, Bahamas

18. Aruba

19. Palawan, Philippines

20. St. Lucia

21. Mallorca, Spain

22. Anguilla

23. Eleuthera, Bahamas

24. Seychelles

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