AFGHANISTAN: France refuses to recognise the new Taliban government


France refuses to recognise the newly formed Taliban government of Afghanistan and to have any ties to it said the country's Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The news comes as the Taliban announced on Tuesday the formation of an all-male transitional government in Afghanistan led by Mullah Hassan Akhud, a close ally of the movement's founder, Mullah Omar.

"France refuses to recognise or have any relations with this government. We are waiting for their actions. We have set out a series of conditions," the minister said yesterday, according to France 5 television.

"Among other things, France wants the Taliban to allow the transfer of humanitarian aid to areas not controlled by them and to give those who wish, the opportunity to leave the country," the French foreign minister said.

"They have repeatedly said that they will allow some foreigners and Afghans to leave the country without any problems and they have also spoken of an inclusive government.

However, they are lying. There is no result," he said.

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