SYRIZA: Mitsotakis is unsuccessful, frightened and incorrigible

Alexis Tsipras SYRIZA

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party accused (Prime Minister Kyriakos) Mitsotakis of being unsuccessful, frightened and incorrigible following his press conference at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIFF) on Sunday.

The opposition party also accused him of being into a crescendo of arrogance and promises of high growth, at a time when citizens are being driven into impoverishment.

“He is unsuccessful,” the party said, “because he boasts for having successfully managed the crises, but he fired the ministers who managed the pandemic, which is still out of control, and the fires.”

“Frightened because in two years it led the young people to unemployment or very low salaries, targeting them for the pandemic and forcing them out of universities, and now he is forced to withdraw the great ‘reform’ of the university police because his popularity at this ages has declined,” the statement continued.

“Incorrigible,” it said “because he cannot predict what will happen despite the schools opening tomorrow as they closed, with 27 students per class.”

SYRIZA also said that “unfortunately he is the only one” and that “everyone now knows that schools are accelerating the spread of the pandemic, but he refuses to take substantial measures and reduce the number of students per class.”

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