COVID-19: Third dose vaccine appointments available as of Tuesday

COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine vaccination booster shot

A rise in COVID-19 vaccinations in ages under 35 is being registered in the last few days, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said on Monday during a regular briefing.

This translates to 102,000 people having booked a first dose appointment in the past week, he noted, most of them young adults.

Another significant rise in inoculations is occurring in the 15-17 age group, with 16,000 teenagers having been vaccinated in the last few days, along some 13,550 children aged 12-14, he highlighted.

A total of 140,000 teenagers and children have been vaccinated since appointments became available for these age groups.

The online platform for a third dose of a vaccine opens on Tuesday, he added, and concerns some 285,000 immunocompromised patients.

Also speaking at the briefing, Greek National Vaccination Committee chair Maria Theodoridou wished a fruitful new school year to students, on occasion of their reopening on Monday.

Marios Themistocleous and Maria Theodoridou COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine vaccination

She urged for the thorough inoculation of children and teenagers against a further dispersal of the Delta variant in the community.

The third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be decisive for health professionals, noted Theodoridou.

She said it is possible that they be given priority, to prevent viral infections in the hospital and their family environment, as well as prevent undue burden to the NHS by being absent from work.

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