MOUNT ATHOS: Coronavirus sweeps across monasteries with more than 1,000 infected monks


According to a SKAI news report,  there has been a spike in coronavirus cases across Greek monasteries with thousands of infected monks and dozens hospitalised in ICU.

Of particular concern is the virus spread on Mount Athos, where more than 1000 monks have fallen ill, while 8 died, and yet the vaccination rate still remains at 20%. This number of infections translates to 50% of the population of the holy mountain.


agio orosIn the Monastery of "Petrinou Dasou" in Thessaly, one death was recorded while 25 were hospitalised with several other admissions  from the Meteora Monastery.

In Agios Nektarios of Aegina, 16 positive cases were recorded while one death occurred in the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin in Evros and Panagia Perivleptos of Evia respectively.

On the other hand, monasteries who have followed health orders for their population include that of Evangelismos in Halkidiki and Agios Ioannis Sourotis where 100% of the monks have been vaccinated.

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