TURKEY: Unearthed Ancient Greek mosaics of Amazon women undergoing restoration work


Unearthed ancient Greek mosaics of Amazon women are among the artefacts currently undergoing restoration work  at the Sanliurfa Archeology Museum in southeastern Turkey reports Anadolu news agency.

According to the news report,  restoration experts are "meticulously examining the unique mosaics depicting Amazon women and other artifacts which were unearthed in ongoing excavations at the Gobeklitepe site -- known as the "world's oldest temple" -- as well as in many parts of Sanliurfa province."

"Sanliurfa Archeology Museum’s laboratories are adequately equipped both in terms d cof equipment and personnel. The incoming works are subjected to restoration in these laboratories according to their type and characteristics," said Celal Uludag, director of the Sanliurfa Museum and head of excavation at the Gobeklitepe site.

Uludag told Anadolu Agency here are "three laboratories within the museum and the artifacts obtained during the excavations are being first photographed and documented in these special laboratories. "

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