Unemployment in Greece fell to 14.2% in July

Greek factory workers unemployment

The unemployment rate in Greece stood at 14.2% in July this year, compared to 16.8% in July 2020 and 15% in June 2021.

664,384 people are unemployed in Greece, meaning there has been a decrease of 108,058 people in relation to July 2020 (14%) and by 40,485 people compared to June 2021 (5.7%).

For women, the unemployment rate dropped to 18.7% from 20.2% in July 2020 and for men to 10.6% from 14.1%.

In the 15-24 age group, unemployment stood at 32.3%, down from 35.8% in July last year, while in the 25-74 age group it went to 13.3% from 15.9%.

According to the ELSTAT labor force survey, the number of employees amounted to 4,011,357 people, recording an increase of 182,886 people compared to July 2020 (4.8%) and 8,221 people compared to June 2021 (0.2 %).

People who are not working or looking for work amounted to 3,185,122 persons, recording a decrease of 105,080 persons compared to July 2020and an increase of 29,985 people compared to June 2021.

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