Australian scientists discover the likely cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer brain

Australian researchers have made a ground-breaking discovery on the probable cause of Alzheimer’s, which could help prevent the killer disease from ever developing. 

Researchers at Curtin University in Perth found toxic fat proteins that leak from the bloodstream into the brain were the probable cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Professor John Mamo, the Lead Investigator and Director at Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, said.

At the same time, they previously knew the main feature of people living with Alzheimer’s was the build-up of toxic protein deposits within the brain. They did not know where it originated from or why it was deposited in the brain.

Alzheimer’s disease progressively destroys a person’s memory and thinking skills, and eventually, the ability to do simple tasks. 

This is the first time that research has shown the toxic protein forms from outside of the brain. 

Professor Mamo said: ‘This “blood-to-brain pathway” is significant because if we can manage the levels in the blood of lipoprotein-amyloid and prevent their leakage into the brain, this opens up potential new treatments to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and slow memory loss.’

Alzheimer’s Western Australia Chairman Professor Warren Harding said the findings might have a huge global impact on millions of people living with the disorder.


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