SYRIZA slams Mitsotakis for lack of action against MP Bogdanos

Konstantinos Bogdanos SYRIZA

The SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance criticised Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday for not expelling MP Konstantinos Bogdanos after he retweeted an article containing a list of the full names of children enrolled in an Athens kindergarten.

SYRIZA complains that the MP deplored the fact that the majority of students appear to be of migrant origin.

"Mr. Mitsotakis has for two days covered for and does not dare to expel the fascist Bogdanos who targeted infants," a SYRIZA announcement said.

The statement added that "this confirms that he is a weak prime minister, who is afraid even of [someone like] Bogdanos."

"As for justice, it continues to be deaf to a series of offences that arise from the publication of the details of minors and their targeting with racist slurs by the New Democracy deputy," the announcement said.

The list of names was included in an article published by Mea Culpa under the headline (translated from Greek): "Shocking list."

Bogdanos said on Wednesday that he made a “mistake” regarding a post he retweeted on Twitter on Tuesday, which has now been deleted.

“[On Tuesday] a mistake was made, which was corrected and there was an apology. My mistake was that I retweeted something that I did not check,” he said, noting that his critics were being malicious.

In the wake out of the outcry, he was not only criticised by SYRIZA, but also by the Centre-Left KINAL and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).

In a statement, Kinal said the publication of the names of kindergarten students by a government MP is “a vile, cowardly, and far-right act. With no excuses.”

“If Bogdanos remains in the parliamentary group of New Democracy it will mean, in the clearest way, that his ideas and practices are tolerated,” it added.

KKE said the government has to explain itself about this leak and publication, adding that the ruling New Democracy party “cannot avoid its grave political responsibility.”

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