"MOTHER I AM WELL, SEND SOUVLAKIA" - A Culinary Plea from Scandinavia


At Greek City Times we thought we'd add a bit of weekend humour given the usual doom and gloom and remind ourselves to be appreciative of what we have as the world is slowly recovering from viruses and lockdowns.

Things could be worse. You could be deprived of Greek food, as reminded by a hilarious 2018 story where a group of Greek students in Finland sent out an SOS to their mothers about getting some Greek food, presumably because the Scandinavian cuisine wouldn't do the trick.

The incident took place at a basketball game between Greece and Finland in freezing Tampere, where Greek university students took the opportunity to share their nostalgia for some home food.

souvlakiaHolding a huge sign that read: "MOTHER I AM WELL, SEND SOUVLAKIA" Greek mothers were called to the culinary rescue of their children studying in Scandinavia.