The target of Turkey's ground forces is Thessaloniki: CNN TURK (VIDEO)

turkish media

Retired Turkish General, analyst, Erdoğan Karakuş declared that "the target of Turkey's ground armed forces is Thessaloniki," during a political debate on CNN Turk.

turkish media
During his TV appearance Karakuş  referred to Greece's alliance with the United States and the concession of Greek territory for the installation or expansion of US bases, emphasizing that "Greece has surrendered itself to the United States and as surrendered, conceded 20 bases ".

"Of course the base in Alexandroupolis is fully equipped to block the Turkish ground operation," said Karakuş, referring to the "so simple" plan of a potential  Turkish operation, as reported by tourkikanea.

"That is, our business plans are clear. So simple. In the event there is a military operation with Greece and if, despite the fact that we do not want it, we are obliged to go to war with Greece, the target of our ground forces will be Thessaloniki. It's that simple," said the retired General.

He added, so that there is no doubt among Turkish viewers about Greece's intentions, that "their (Greek) goal is Istanbul".


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