Stefanos Tsitsipas says will take Covid-19 shot this year

By 2 years ago

A month after causing controversy by saying he would only get the Covid-19 vaccine if it became compulsory to compete in tennis, world number three Stefanos Tsitsipas has said he plans to receive the jab later in 2021.

“It will certainly happen this year,” Tsitsipas said in an interview with Antenna TV.

Asked if he would get vaccinated so that he could get back to a normal social life, the 23-year-old responded: “yes, this is the reason.”

Tsitsipas, who was the face of Greece’s “Stay Home” campaign last year during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, said he had never taken a stand for or against vaccination. 

“I am not a doctor; I am a tennis player,” Tsitsipas said, “so I may not have the most substantiated opinion when it comes to medical issues.”

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