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LESVOS: Turkish fishing vessels invade Greek territorial waters and harass Greek fishermen (VIDEO)

A video showing Turkish fishing vessels invading Greek territorial waters on the island of Lesvos and harassing Greek fishing boats was broadcast yesterday on Skai TV.

In the video, Turkish vessels are seen going as far as pulling the nets of Greek fishermen, in what is regarded as one of more than 100 violations this year alone.

“There are violations by Turkish trawlers in Greek waters. There is always a response from our Coast Guard. They go and tell them here is Greek waters, they get up and leave! ” said Greek fisherman Manolis Koulias.

Turkish fishermen are quite provocative as in many instances they choose to fish where the Greeks have thrown their nets, while many other times they block their way.

According to complaints, Turkish fishing boats reach as close as 500 meters outside Lesvos.

“They’ve even reached as close as 500 metres to the coast but as soon as our patrol boats appear they leave!” says Mr. Karantonis while Mr. Koulias adds that “It is all set up by the Turks as part of a plan of provocations. It’s deliberate”


Ειδήσεις Βραδινό Δελτίο | Ακραίες προκλήσεις Τούρκων ψαράδων | 20/09/2021 – YouTube


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