China Promises Peace and 2 billion Vaccine Doses for the World


In his speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping  stressed that his country as no intentions to invade or intimidate other countries nor assume a hegemonic role on the world stage, but rather seeks peaceful relations.

The Chinese President also pledged  to provide 2 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine worldwide by the end of the year.

Xi's speech came shortly after US President Joe Biden mapped out a new era of rivalry, stressing at the same time that Washington was not seeking a new Cold War.

President Xi has vowed that China will stop building coal-fired power plants abroad as part of its fight against climate change and "will intensify its support for other developing countries to boost green energy," he added in a recorded message, responding to requests from many environmental groups.

Some NGOs have called on Beijing to stop funding such projects abroad.

Xi reiterated that Beijing's commitment is to achieve a neutral carbon dioxide balance "before 2060".

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