DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Turkish man stabs his wife 104 times in front of their child

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Attacks on women have taken on uncontrollable proportion in Turkey, with a recent incident of domestic violence making headlines after a  man stabbed his wife 104 times in front of their child.

Luckily the woman survived the ordeal to tell of her nightmare.


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turkey violence

“He first hit me on the head with a bottle. I covered my baby so that glasses would not go on him. Then he grabbed me by force, picked me up and started stabbing me,” said the woman.

Blinded by jealousy, Feizo Duran rushed to kill his wife, stabbing her repeatedly in front of their child before bizarrely cutting her hair.

“The bathroom started to fill with blood  running from my body. I was slipping from the blood. He said to me: “Did I not tell you that I would watch you die? “Well, I watch you die now,” the woman said in a trembling voice.

Neighbours heard her screams and alerted police. The 28-year-old woman was transported to hospital with 104 knife wounds, eight of which were near vital organs.

It should be noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this year annulled Turkey’s ratification of the Istanbul Convention on violence against women which was a legally-binding Council of Europe treaty, covering domestic violence and seeking to end legal impunity for perpetrators. It covers 34 European countries and took effect in 2014.