September 24-26: European Heritage Days 2021

European Heritage Days

This year's European Heritage Days will be celebrated in Greece on September 24-26, the Culture & Sports Ministry announced on Thursday.

This year's overall theme of festivities across the European continent is "Heritage: All inclusive".

In Greece, two separate thematic concepts have been announced.

The first is 'Train Journey', which is within the framework of the 2021 European Railway Year.

The second is a special look into the life and works of Ioannis Kapodistrias, Greece's first governor after its liberation from the Ottomans, in the context of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution (1821).

Entrance to state-run archeological sites, museums and monuments will be free of charge on the weekend of September 25-26.

Some of the events will be broadcast live and they will also be posted on the social media pages of European Heritage Days Greece on Facebook and on Instagram.

European Heritage Days take place every September in the 50 signatory countries to the European Cultural Convention.

It is organised in close collaboration with national coordinators in each country, including local authorities, civic and private groups and volunteers.

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