Mitsotakis incentivises foreign investments in Greece during NYC meetings


Greece's return to growth and already implemented reforms were the key points noted by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during his contacts in New York, where he attended the United Nations' 76th General Assembly, inviting institutional investors and Greek diaspora business owners to invest in the country.

In contacts with leading businessmen like Microsoft's president Brad Smith and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and members of the Greek community of New York, Mitsotakis stressed that Greece is much stronger now than in the past decade.

An upward growth trend that is projected around 5.9% for the year made him optimistic, he said, that the forecast may be low.

Among issues he noted in both his speech before the General Assembly and investors were initiatives to curb the steep rise in electricity bills, which also required a pan-European response, incentives to keep "a very well-educated younger generation" in Greece, reversing the brain drain of the past decade, and measures to deal with climate change, an urgent global issue to be addressed at the upcoming UN summit in Glasgow.

Mitsotakis also noted the role of Turkish aggression in the fragile balances of the eastern Mediterranean, and reiterated that Greece is firmly committed to working on collaborating with Turkey on issues such as migration.

The resolution of the maritime zones delimitation with the neighbouring country must be based on International Law and the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), while Turkey must also respect UN resolutions on the Cyprus issue. Building alliances in the region is a key tenet of Greek foreign policy, and include contacts with influential American Jewish organizations as well, whom he met with in New York.

Referring to the US-UK-Australia defense agreement (AUKUS) during his contacts, he reiterated that Europe must build strategic autonomy if it wishes to expand its influence from an economic to a geopolitical power, while retaining strong ties with the United States.

Mitsotakis also said Greece was very interested in developments in Libya and firmly supported free elections without the presence of foreign troops in the country.

In his contacts, the Greek premier noted Greece's interest in becoming a leader in the Balkans and said the country is steadfastly committed to EU membership for the western Balkan countries, while during his meeting with Archbishop Elpidoforos he confirmed the close ties between the diaspora in the United States and Greece.

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