Cybercrime probe finds four Greek websites spreading “illegal” anti-vaxxer content

cybercrime hacking hackers computer laptop probe

The Hellenic Police Department for Prosecuting Electronic Crime announced on Tuesday that an investigation had uncovered incriminating evidence on four websites and six social media accounts responsible for encouraging people not to get vaccinated.

The probe was launched on the orders of Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos.

The probe was investigating whether crimes of spreading fake news, inciting disobedience and attempted fraud had been committed by the administrators of “websites and social media accounts that incite citizens to commit acts that are against public health, safety and the state.”

It said that two case files have been sent to the Athens first-instance court prosecutors’ department using fast-track processes, which had issued instructions for a preliminary examination and further investigation of the cases.

The announcement said that the investigation into the 10 specific cases, as well as any others that may arise, were continuing.

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