Turkish fishermen illegally entering Greek waters now face 6 months prison

Turkish fishing boat fisherman fishermen

The Ministry of Justice restored and tightened Article 401 of the Penal Code, which was first abolished by SYRIZA and thus allowed Greek maritime waters in the Aegean to be exploited by Turkish fishing vessels .

The Chief of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Admiral Theodoros Kliaris, forwarded a document to Parliament on September 14 detailing the illegal fishing in Greek territorial waters by Turkish fishermen and lambasted Greece's inaction, Reader reported.

In this context, on September 24, the Ministry of Justice put to public consultation the draft law "Amendments to the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure", where Article 398 (Fisheries in territorial waters) was stressed.

“The proposed regulation aims to protect the marine environment from reckless and uncontrolled fishing and therefore to promote measures to tackle climate change, which also affects the fisheries sector," the text said.

"In addition, the punishment of illegal fishing is intended," it added.

According to the newly introduced Article 398 of the Penal Code: “A foreigner who fishes without a right in the coastal zone of the Greek state is punished with imprisonment of at least six months."

The addition to the Penal Code was preceded by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias ordering the Greek embassy in Ankara to protest against illegal fishing by Turkish fishing boats in Greek territorial waters.

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