Greek Grandma slams Gordon Ramsay cooking skills; he declares Santorini capers best in the world (VIDEO)

santorini ramsay

A grandmother on the island of Santorini has hilariously given international chef Gordon Ramsay a bit of his own medicine; a bad review for the salsa Verde he was preparing for a prawn dish.

The hilarious clip, which is from an episode of ITV’s Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek, starts off with Ramsay saying "this is going to be delicious" as he beats away his sauce ingredients as grim-faced onlookers; Grandmother, interpreter,  and Fred Siriex patiently wait for the moment of the taste test! Meanwhile Italian TV Chef Gino D’Acampo rushes to give Gordon more ingredients: red and white vinegar.

Gordon then throws in a handful of Santorini capers which he declares them as being "some of the best in the world" - D'Acampo objects, proclaiming Sicilian capers as the best of the world. An unsurprising response from D'Acampo after Ramsay notoriously told him in the first episode that Greek cuisine is better than Italian! LOL

"Ela yiayia!" Gordon Ramsay calls the grandmother to taste his salsa verde.

At the first spoonful the grandma gives him a blank stare before D'Acampo interjects: "She doesn't like it" to all-around giggles.

The grandma laughs along still not saying a word. "She doesn't know what to say." adds D'Acampo.

"Too much salt!" declares the yiayia, sparking off more laughter at what looked like one of the very few bad reviews Ramsay must have had received in his life.

The hilarious clip concludes with plenty of laughter and Gordon Ramsay admitting he had under-estimated the saltiness of the capers and possibly put too many.

"Today there is one thing that we all learned. Even gods can make mistakes!" proclaims D'Acampo.


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