My love for Greece is second to none

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My love for Greece is second to none


"My 6th visit to Greece has been without a doubt the BEST time of my life to date!

I was blessed and honoured to become best man at the most amazing, beautiful and picturesque wedding imaginable. I've spent time with some of the most wonderful and genuine people, had a little bit of family time (nowhere near enough). I've seen places I never knew existed and accomplished things I didn't believe were possible.

There's nothing like a fun-filled experience and holiday to look back on- like I am now- to reinforce what you've known, learnt and to realise how much you've grown and matured- in a short period of time.

What my recent time in Greece has highlighted for me is that Australia is a country I love- it has given great opportunity to many people and will continue to do so.

But my love for Greece is second to none.

Her breathtaking landscape, her amazing history, nightlife, wonderful and generous people... SIMPLY EVERYTHING about it!

Here in Australia (I'm sure like most of the western world) we are always wanting more. We want the best house in the best neighbourhood, the best car and the biggest boat in the best driveway. We want the best clothes and the fanciest colognes- and at the end of the day- not many are ever happy or satisfied with what we have.

Then you get to Greece where times are tough (not for all) but for many and there is no expectation to become rich. Nor do they have a desire for the fanciest of anything I've mentioned above. But they are happy, proud and have a generosity that I can't even begin to explain. They always wish you "agape, igia kai xara" (love, health and happiness.)

Well, how can you go wrong with that?

On one of my last nights in Greece, I was short of money at my local mini market and they still sold me the cigarette pack. The next day I gave his wife what I owed and a little extra- of course she refused to accept it- but for once I won the battle!


Greece is the country where →

-People ask for water from a restaurant after it closes and are given drinks instead, then the owner refuses to take money for it because the register is closed for the evening.

-You go out for drinks at a bar or club and they randomly bring out trays of shots (on the house).

-You walk into a restaurant and stuff your face with the most beautiful, tasty and fresh food you could imagine, then ask for the bill and they bring out extra plates of fresh fruit, wine or both and yep, once again it's on the house!

-Food is so well priced and even if you sink your mouth into a souvlaki from your average shop, the produce used is better than anywhere else.

-The meat, fruit and vegetables may look a tad different but when you eat it, you know which is the tastier and healthier option.

-People don't need to take drugs to have a good time.

-Locals go out, enjoy a good dance and each other's company with a few drinks and that's enough.

-Fully clothed women are dancing Greek and have more sex appeal than a female laying on a beach in Ibiza with just a g-string on.

-Almost every single song is about love or breakups and lyrics that come from only the heart, unlike werk werk werk werk were something, something, something blah blah blah blah blah!

-People say "στην υγεία μας" (to our health) and cheers with every drink.

-You buy something from the shop and say "thank you" when you receive your change or items and they reply with "we thank you."

-You're wished a good trip by whomever you tell you're on holidays.

-Almost every mountain, every beach, every cave, every piece of landscape has its own history and story.

-The water is crystal clear and the surrounding landscape of the beaches just leaves you gasping in awe.

-Summer is summer and winter is winter.

-They may be low on cash but come nightfall, all cafes and bars are full.

-The main centre of every area is loaded with people enjoying themselves.

-The sun goes down in summer and all the kids come out to play. Parks and swings are packed with children and parents are feeling relaxed.

It  warmed my heart seeing people enjoying themselves with the simple things in life that we aren't always used to seeing here in Australia. So many times I sat back, looked around and just took in every moment.

I challenge anyone to visit Greece and not enjoy themselves- with countless breathtaking islands and a mainland to die for- it's a nation that people have actually died for!

There's simply NO PLACE LIKE GREECE 💙"

*John Prappas, Melbourne