SYRIZA: New Democracy responsible for explosion of Neo-Nazi violence in Stavroupoli


The government is clearly responsible for the explosion of neo-Nazi violence around the school in the Thessaloniki district of Stavroupoli, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance spokesperson Nassos Iliopoulos said on Thursday.

He said the way the issue was handled by the ruling New Democracy party was "deeply worrying.

Iliopoulos said New Democracy was incapable of defending the social majority in the face of a series of crises and challenges, "but fully able to defend the interests of the few and powerful."

According to the SYRIZA spokesperson, the school was a known hangout for young supporters of far right Golden Dawn, and he accused New Democracy of being unable to explicitly put a name to the problem and admit that "we have attacks by neo-Nazis".

This indicated a lack of will to deal with the problem, he added.

The spokesperson claimed "there has never before been an education minister that in a message for October 28 did not even mention the word 'fascism' and this indicative of the alt-right hegemony in New Democracy's entire narrative."

Riot police had to use tear gas to repel groups of far-right elements who attacked people who had gathered for an antifascist rally in Thessaloniki on Wednesday evening.

The incident occurred before the commencement of the rally, which was scheduled for 6.30 p.m.

The attack by the far-right elements took place on Terpsithea Square, a few metres away from Stavroupoli vocational high school.

On the same morning, the school was overrun by far-right youths, who hurled petrol bombs, flares and rocks at a rival gathering organised by left-wing university student groups against government education reforms.

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