Erdogan’s delusions: The Byzantine eagle is a “Turkish symbol”

Erdogan's delusions: The Byzantine eagle is a "Turkish symbol" 1

The frustration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the Greek-French agreement on frigates and defence assistance from both sides has reached unprecedented.

According to SKAI, Erdoğan referred to Cyprus and spoke of the existence of two states, at a time when both the UN and the international community emphatically reject this position, and instead talk about a Federation.

Shortly afterwards, speaking to her neighbor Parliament, he threatened to take steps similar to those she had done in Varosha and provoked again.

He then invoked the Byzantine emblem, the double-headed eagle, and described it as a Turkish symbol.

Flag of the Byzantine Empire - ☧ Byzantine

Erdoğan said the emblem, which he described as “Turkish heritage”, looks to both the West and the East, as does his country.

In Bronze Age Mycenaean Greece, over 3,000 years ago, the double-eagle motif was used and found on gold jewelry.

The double-headed eagle also started appearing in Eastern Roman (Byzantine) are at about the 10th century.

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