UPDATE: How Greek Muslim spies exchanged information about Greek ships for Turkey

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Apocalyptic information about the actions of the 36-year-old secretary of the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes and the 53-year-old former cook of the STAVROS ship who are accused of supporting Turkey's military by spying on the Greek navy and troop movements.

Evidence was also found on electronic devices owned by the pair and examined by experts.

Special mention is made of the findings, but also an explanation of their value was made by the Public Prosecutor of Rhodes in her referral proposal.

The laboratory expertise report of the 7th Department of Digital Evidence Examination of Directorate of Criminological Investigations and the review-analysis report by the investigators found photos of Greek warships and ships on their decides.

They were sent by the 53-year-old.

From the review-analysis report of the 53-year-old's Samsung phone,  an antenna in Kastelorizo found a lot of communication between the pair over a prolonged period of time.

Many conversations took place before the departure of the ship for Kastelorizo from Rhodes.

Also on the device of the 53-year-old mobile phone were stored image files, including three photos of Greek navy ships with their equipment and armament taken on 6.11.2020.

The fact that the numbers of the ships and their positions are recorded undoubtedly results, as the Prosecutor points out, from the fact that the 36-year-old in a message sent to the 53-year-old on 03/11/2020 at 07:55 asks for information about his position P32, writing: "P32 is not visible at the point. Is the number correct?"

The 53-year-old replied at 08:20 pm of the same day with the following text message: "It does not appear completely because it is dark".

The 36-year-old, then using his mobile phone device, browses the internet at least from 09:48 pm on 3.11.2020 on the official website of the navy, apparently looking for the aforementioned boat.

From this last message, it is confirmed that the 53-year-old provides information to the 36-year-old about the numbers of warships out on sea and their positions, while it seems that the 36-year-old is looking for the ships on the website of the Ministry of National Defense.

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Nezadin Mehmet and Sebahattin Bayram.

However, during the period of declassification, from 1/10/2020 to 30/11/2020, the two defendants talked to each other 61 times, which proves that the provision of information was continuous.

From the data analysis report of 13.8.2021 of the Department of Information Collection and Management of South Agean of the Information Management and Analysis Department of the police. There is a plethora of online conversations between the accused through Facebook messenger, Viber and Whatsapp.

In the mobile phone of the 36-year-old were, among other things, three photos of a Greek warship moored in Kastelorizo, as well as a boat of the port corps with R-206 elements. He also took the photos from the top so that its exact equipment, its readiness and its maintenance condition are visible. He took other photographs of warships and the Coast Guard.

According to the data analysis report of the Directorate of Management and Analysis of Information / Department of Collection and Management of Information of the South Aegean during the period of declassification, communications appear between the telephone connections of the two defendants.

Internet contacts were also made through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp applications.

The 36-year-old during October-November 2021 communicated through WhatsApp with a variety of Turkish telephone numbers (code +90), which proves, as the Prosecutor pointed out, that the accused transmitted the information he received to persons residing in Turkey.

Image files sent by the 53-year-old with his mobile phone were found on the 36-year-old's mobile phone, depicting a Greek warship moored in the port of Kastelorizo ​​with sailors on board and on duty.

The Prosecutor noted that the naked eye and close monitoring and recording of naval forces and soldiers is more effective than drone photography and provides confidential information about the strength, readiness and effectiveness of the Greek military forces, while close-up photos of warships provide information on the type, quality and readiness of the armaments and sailors they carry.

More specifically, these photographs, properly processed by an experienced person, give information about its armament (if it carries strategic armament), the condition and readiness of the ship and the crew that photographed on it.

Also, there is a stored photo of a patrol port boat with P206 data , in the port of Megisti, which also appears to have been taken from the mobile phone of the 53-year-old.

In addition, photos of Greek warships anchored in ports and out on sea were stored on the 36-year-old's mobile phone.

The 53-year-old also gave verbal information about the numbers and positions of the Greek warships he encountered while sailing at sea.

The Prosecutor emphasised, among other things, that the effectiveness of a ship as a weapon of war depends on not only its type, but also on its armament, naval artillery, torpedoes, missiles, mines and pressure bombs.

Such photos, which did not come to him by chance but methodically in his possession, were sent by the 53-year-old to the 36-year-old. He also conveyed to him information about the location and numbers of Greek warships on the high seas and the number of soldiers he carried on the ship where he worked.

It should be noted that even if the weapon systems carried by a ship are known by Turkey, which is not at all a given, however whether it carries the so-called strategic weapons, if its armament is upgraded and "loaded" - charged, ie ready for use, is a very important detail in conditions of tension, such as those that prevailed during the time of communication between the two defendants, which can be revealed only by close observation and after analysis of the image by an expert specialising in weapons systems.

Also, the number of people aboard the ships (which appears to be recorded in some photographs) as well as the number of soldiers landing on the island, combined with the numbers, armaments and positions of the ships out on sea.

Both of the accused are Greek Muslims from Western Thrace.

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