Israeli Health Ministry uses occupied northern Cyprus flag for the Republic of Cyprus

Israeli health ministry

The Israeli Health Ministry has used a flag of the illegal entity known as the "Turkish Republic of Cyprus" to represent the Republic of Cyprus.

News Editor and Turkic Affairs Reporter for Israel Hayom Heb, Dean Shmuel Elmas, said in response to the Israeli Health Ministry's mishap by saying: "There are moments - I run out of words."

The so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”  is an illegal entity established after Turkey invaded the northern portion of the island.

Population distribution of Cyprus, 1960 & 1999 : MapPorn

It is recognised by no other state in the world besides Turkey, and was deemed an illegal entity by United Nations Security Council resolutions 541 and 550.

The Turkish invasion led to 200,000 Greek Cypriot refugees, as well as thousands of civilians murdered and hundreds of women raped by Turkish soldiers.

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