Nia Vardalos Reveals 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3' Script has been Completed

Screenshot 2021 10 03 at 11 18 02 Nia Vardalos Reveals My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Script Is Finished e1633220827826

Nia Vardalos is ready to continue the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise.

The actress revealed that she has finished the script for the third movie in the rom-com franchise and hopes to film soon. Vardalos posted a photo with co-stars Lainie Kazan, Louis Mandylor and Gia Carides, and shared that the film is dedicated to the late Michael Constantine, the actor who portrayed her father, Gus.

Screenshot 2021 10 03 at 11 18 02 Nia Vardalos Reveals My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Script Is Finished

"Friends in real life are why our films are so much fun to make," Vardalos wrote, adding that the four of them "gathered to honour the memory of Michael Constantine, may he rest in peace."

"He had told me he wouldn’t be able to join us for the third film and his wish was that we go on. I wrote the screenplay to reflect Michael’s decision and will always treasure his last messages to me, hoping we were filming soon," she continued, explaining that the various COVID-19 variants "have made indies difficult, but we are hopeful."

Jokingly writing to stop calling her mom to ask her to be in the third film or sharing their plot ideas, she confirmed, "the script is finished. ✏️ (And no Toula and Ian are not grandparents!)."

"We miss you Michael, thank you for bringing my words to life with such passion and accuracy, you will always be with us. ❤️," she concluded.

Constantine died on August 31 after battling an undisclosed illness for years. He was 94. At the time, the I Hate Valentine’s Day actress shared a heartfelt tribute to her onscreen father.

Michael Constantine, the dad to our cast-family, a gift to the written word, and always a friend,” the Great American Baking Show host tweeted on September 8. “Acting with him came with a rush of love and fun. I will treasure this man who brought Gus to life. He gave us so much laughter and deserves a rest now. We love you, Michael.”