On this day in 1943, German occupiers burned Cretan women alive

German Nazy occupiers Crete

On October 4 1943, (anniversary today), a detachment of German and Italian forces on the Greek island of Crete, lost 17 men in clashes with the Greek Resistance.

Two days later, they entered the village of Kali Sikia (Good Fig Tree), looted the homes of the villagers, lined up the women and children and under threats of torture demanded to know where the men of the village were hiding.

The response of the women was:

"We are unarmed women but we will not betray our men."

The German commander ordered that the women be burned alive in the houses they set on fire!

One of them burned was an 8-month pregnant woman.

The only person to be brought to trial for the killings of Kali Sykia was Schubert, who was executed in Thessaloniki on October 22, 1947.

I am often asked why Germany is so openly favouring Turkey over Greece in their disputes. German cruelty against the Greeks was not much different to the methods used by the Turks against the Greeks and on occasion assisted by Germans, as was the case in 1922 when the Turks "threw the Greeks (civilians) into the Sea of Smyrna."