Merkel's "realisation": Austerity is not the solution to all problems since the Greeks suffered

Angela Merkel

Kati Marton, the biographer of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is attempting to give the longtime ruler a human face.

According to ERT, Marton noted claimed that Merkel was persistent and courageous in her professional career because of her experience growing up in communist East Germany.

In fact, she notes that she was the one who chose as a politician to pass a "boring image" and not who she really is as a person.

Regarding Greece and its involvement in the crisis years, Marton notes that the German realised that austerity is not the solution to all problems since the Greeks suffered, something that apparently made her realise that she underestimated human costs.

Marton claims that the now former chancellor "learned a lesson" from this crisis, adding that this was demonstrated by her stance during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis regarding decisive negotiations to assist countries most affected.

The biographer also claims that Merkel was "shocked" by the cold reception she received during her visit to Athens in the midst of the Greek crisis.

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