Russia politely demands that Turkey leaves Syria and respect UN Security Council Resolution

cavusoglu lavrov

Turkey has no right to be in Syria, said Russia Foreign Minister  Sergei Lavrov after the recent Putin-Erdogan meeting in Sochi, which ended without statements.

"Russia hopes that Turkey will be guided by the principles of respect for Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, as it has repeatedly stated," Lavrov said after talks with his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry.

"Regarding Mr. Kalin's statement, I would like to quote President Erdogan, who has repeatedly stated publicly that Syria is an independent state, and that Turkey will respect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"That is why, in the context of the final settlement, we will move forward with the fact that Turkey still holds that very position," Lavrov said.

Speaking of  the presence of foreign forces in Syria, Lavrov recalled UN Security Council Resolution 2254, which reiterates Syria's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

"According to this resolution, only those armed forces invited by the legitimate government of Syria, a member of the United Nations, have the right to be present in that country. Of course, this also applies to US units. By the way, along with the regular army, there are numerous so-called private military companies.

"This must also be taken into account," Lavrov said.