Economou: Greek-French deal a great success, SYRIZA once again abstains from security matters

Yiannis Economou Greek spokesman spokesperson

"The defence cooperation agreement between Greece and France is a great success of the country, a success of historical dimensions," government spokesman Yannis Economou said on Tuesday during a press briefing.

"The international impact and the political and military footprint are already the strongest evidence. We expected and hope for a united national front, for a nationwide support of the agreement and our national interests," Economou stressed.

"Unfortunately, (main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis) Tsipras is proving his political inadequacy to both the Greek and the international public.

"He remains attached to the ideas of the last century.

"He can offer nothing to the modern, political, economic, social and diplomatic environment and that is why he chooses once again to abstain from the national shield front of the country."

"This is not the first time," he said, adding: "He did the same in the agreement with Egypt."

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