Greek bakery in the heart of Manhattan

Greek bakery NYC
Fournos Theophilos

Fournos Theophilos is a new Greek bakery that has opened its doors in the heart of NYC's Manhattan.

Specialising in serving freshly prepared Greek bakery products and a variety of specially selected Greek delicacies and signature Greek dishes, this new eatery brings light to unique Greek gastronomy and also promotes Hellenic folk art, local traditions, and products direct from Greece.

NYC Greek bakery

Fournos Theophilos flagship store covers more than 5,000 square feet and is located in the centre of Midtown Manhattan at 45 West 45th Street. Customers have the option to choose from traditional Greek takeaway delicacies from the street-level entrance or head upstairs to the main dining area, where you can sit down and be served Mezedakia and Main Meals.

Chefs Yannis Tsiakos and Dionisis Liakopoulos, who are from Greece have created a menu including a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and Pites, which include savoury and sweet versions.

NYC Greek bakery
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An open kitchen is located at the back, where you can order entrees, salads, sides, and soups. The two floors fit up to 80 people, with half downstairs and the other half upstairs, but upstairs is reserved for table service only.

Décor drifts you away to the Aegean with white tiles, natural wood, and black metal finishes as well as displays of Greek art and cool packaging is printed with ancient literature, poetry, and quotes by famous Greek philosophers.

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Fournos Theophilos greek yogurt and coffee

“Fournos Theophilos is an all-day culinary destination that celebrates Greece's rich culture, history, and traditions through cuisine, art, and literature,” says Yannis and Dionisis.

Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, Fournos Theophilos is definitely worth checking out if you are in Manhattan and craving some delicious Greek flavours.

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