New Turkish delusion: "In 24 hours we can occupy the Greek islands," says former MP

Turkish CNN

Former MP of the Kemalist Republican People's Party (CHP) and retired officer Dursun Çiçek, told CNN Türk: "Greece developed on Turkish soil as an instrumental state constantly used by the imperialists."

"In 24 hours the islands can come under Turkish control," Çiçek said defiantly.

Speaking about Greece-Turkey relations as they are after the recent signing of the Greek-French defence agreement, Çiçek spoke directly about the "role" of the navy fleet that Turkey maintains at the Phocaea (Φώκαια, Turkish: Foça) base.

"I served as a Marine for 31 years, with most of them in Phocaea. And it is a strategic unit that monitors Greece," he said, adding: "In 24 hours, or in any case in 48 hours, the islands we are talking about will pass under Turkish control."

He accused Greece of being "used by imperialists", meaning the U.S. and France, and of "developing on Turkish soil".

The former MP specifically stated: "Greece in history has constantly developed on Turkish soil, as a state-instrument that was constantly used by the imperialists."

Çiçek's statements, in the presence of other so-called analysts who acted in the same vein, were not made on a marginal graphic television station, but on CNN Türk, which systematically broadcasts provocative and dangerous allegations by retired officers and academics seeking attention.

It should be noted that Çiçek is a former member of parliament with the CHP, which in Greece-Turkey matters has a much more extreme line than the Erdogan government, which in many issues "crawls" behind it.

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