THI Australia

The Hellenic Initiative Australia will be funding the successful Boroume Farmers’ Market program for a sixth year in 2021-2022.

The AU$61,000 (€ 37,895) grant renewal will enable this vital food saving program to continue helping people in need in Greece. In just the past twelve months, more than 24 charities in Athens and Thessaloniki received over 122 tonnes of fresh produce from Boroume.

“The Hellenic Initiative Australia is extremely proud of its partnership with Boroume, and it applauds the hundreds of volunteers who travel to the farmer's markets to collect the food produce that would otherwise go to waste,” said THI Australia President, Nicholas Pappas AM.

Between April – June 2021, an amazing 3 million food portions were saved and offered to those in need. In the absence of Australians travelling to Greece this year, THI Australia encourages its supporters and friends to share the work of Boroume with friends and family in Greece as they can always do with more volunteers for the farmers' markets.  

THI Australia renews support to Boroume Farmer’s Market Program

With the latest grant, THI Australia has committed a total of $349,700 since 2015 to support the operation of the Farmers’ Market Program. During this time Boroume has been a strong advocate for the economic, environmental and social benefits of reducing food waste and has taken the message to schools, community groups and government.  

Boroume founding member, Alexander Theodoridis, who visited Australia in 2017, has great admiration for the Greek Australian community which continues to give back to Greece. Mr Theodoridis said, “We are forever indebted to our friends in Australia for the trust they have placed in us, and we remain optimistic and resilient despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

In just 12 months 24 charities in Athens and Thessaloniki received over 122 tons of fresh produce from Boroume. If you are in Greece or planning to visit, please consider volunteering a few hours of your time for a great cause.