Çelik's delusion: "We will do everything to protect our Blue Homeland interests"

Ömer Çelik

After the delusional rhetoric and threats against Greece by the Turkish Foreign and Defence Ministers, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Hulusi Akar respectively, the spokesman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Ömer Çelik also joined the fray.

Speaking very annoyingly to reporters about the recent signing of the Greek-French defense agreement, Çelik claimed the presence of the Nautical Geo research vessel, east of Crete and in the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone, is challenging Turkey who will maintain that "the Blue Homeland is our red line."

The Blue Homeland is a failed doctrine by Turkey to steal Greek maritime space and islands.

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Turkey's envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

"A policy that considers the Aegean as its own lake and ignores the existence of the state of the Turkish Republic in Northern Cyprus will not end anywhere," Çelik said in reference to occupied northern Cyprus.

"Last is the breach by a Greek Cypriot ship, our naval forces immediately intervened and sent it back to its area.

"The 'Blue Homeland' is our red line. 'The' Blue Homeland' is an integral part of the motherland," he said, reiterating that Turkey would defend its rights by all means, accusing Greece of escalating tensions.

"We will do everything to protect our rights and interests in the Blue Homeland.

"We will pay every price. We will give every fight.

"What really needs to be discussed in this case is the equipment and the continuation of equipment from Greece of islands that should be demilitarized on the basis of conditions," he stated, interpreting once again the International Law and the Law of the Sea according to Turkish interests.

Finally, the AKP spokesman accused the Greek government that instead of the prosperity of the Greeks, they use national resources: "to strengthen the defense industry of other countries," ie. France.

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