Transavia to increase available airline seats to Greece next season, including Skiathos


An agreement reached by the Tourism Ministry with the airline Transavia in the framework of the international tourism exhibition Top Resa in Paris is expected to enhance tourist flows to Greece, according to a report on Wednesday.

In the context of his meetings at the international tourism exhibition Top Resa in Paris, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias held a working meeting with the CEO of Transavia, Nathalie Stubler, and the general manager of the company Nicolas Henin.

After the end of the meeting, Kikilias made the following statement:

"I want to thank Transavia for the steady and ever-increasing confidence it shows in destinations in our country.

"The CEO of the company informed us that next season he expects a 50% increase in arrivals compared to 2019, as well as the addition of Skiathos as the new destination of the company.

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"The messages are optimistic for 2022. However, we remain firmly committed to expanding the tourist season and being able to support winter destinations as well as themed tourism.

"With a stable policy of improving the quality of the tourist product, by expanding the tourist destinations, we expect that the result will be even more favourable, giving more added value to our country."

During the meeting, Transavia agreed to increase available airline seats for Greek destinations by 50% compared to 2019. The possibility of extending the company's itineraries throughout the year was also discussed.

The Minister of Tourism thanked the top executives of the company for the stable and growing confidence of Transavia in the Greek destinations, to which Skiathos is now added.

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