Transvestite that beat prostitute to death was arrested in Exarcheia

Exarcheia Police transvestite greek police

After seven years on the run and changing his identity again, a transvestite responsible for the death of a prostitute was arrested in the Athenian neighbourhood of Exarcheia.

In mid-November 2014 , "Amanda" or "Stefania" as the transvestite was known at the time, punched to death a young prostitute in the centre of Athens because she was ruining her "job".

Yesterday, after seven years of being on the run and changing his identity repeatedly, the transvestite-murderer was arrested in Exarcheia Square, this time with his real identity on him and appearing as a man.

At the age of 63, Stefanos has been identified and is facing serious charges for a crime he allegedly committed on the cold night of November 14, 2014.


The last phase of the drama took place during a random police check.

All these years "Amanda" or "Stefania", kept changing houses, identities and names.

He managed to slip away and the crime of the 37-year-old woman was solved, but the perpetrator disappeared.

No one knows where he was hiding or how he made ends meet financially.

Until the day before the murder, he had dozens of charges for various crimes against him.

It was shortly after 9 pm on November 14 on Spyrou Trikoupi Street when "Stefania" fell out wildly with a 37-year old drug addict prostitute.

The transvestite rushed at her and started kicking and punching her with incredible fury until the woman had her last breath on the asphalt.

The perpetrator disappeared and was missing for seven years until yesterday at 2:30 pm he was caught by police.

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