TURKEY: Erdogan unlikely to get re-elected; his political party gets smashed at the polls

erdogan 1

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may have his re-election in the 2023 presidential elections in Turkey as his main political objective, however it might not be that easy judging from the latest polls that see his political party in free fall.

The latest poll, released on Wednesday, shows that Erdogan's ruling AKP party is in free fall in terms of its electoral influence. Erdogan's party has 32.7% of the vote, down from 36.1% just three months ago in July. Within a quarter, it fell by 3.4 points.

Meanwhile the opposition seems to be growing stronger. The informal coalition formed by the CHP (Kemalists) with YIIP accounts for 44.1% of the preferences, strengthened by 2.8% compared to the last count.

For its part, the coalition formed by the AKP and the far-right MHP reaches 41.6% while the pro-Kurdish left-wing HDP, despite persecution and attempts to outlaw it, is also boosting its percentages, albeit marginally, to 11.7% of the vote.