U.S. Congress: The Imia Islets are Greek

Imia Congress

Why have we never researched the most important data source about the Imia Islets?

The Library of Congress serves as the research arm of Congress and is recognized as the national library of the United States, and its collections include the world's most comprehensive archive of human creativity and knowledge.

It is considered the largest and richest library in the world and is used by most academic and research libraries in the United States.

Effectively, the Library of Congress provides Congress with objective research to update the legislative process, manages the national copyright system and manages the largest collection of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in the world.

Certainly all of the above attributed to the Library of Congress is impressive. They become even more impressive if one explores the magic words Imia Islands through the huge database.

So we researched the latest issue (April 2021) of the Thematic Units (LCSH) to find out what data we can get from the Library of Congress (LOC) about the Imia Islands.

US Library of Congress Imia Islands Islets

As we can see from the actual data presented above, only in one case next to the name Kardak Rocks  is "Turkey".

There is the word (Turkey), but immediately next to it is written the clarification [Former Heading], ie (Previous Heading). It is understandable that previous versions provided the same information.

The largest library in the world, which is also the research arm of the Congress, informs us that whatever name one uses for the Imia Islands, they belong to the wider area of ​​the Dodecanese and are Greek islets.

In addition, all these islands and islets that Turkey falsely claims belong to them, are marked in the Library of Congress as (Greece).

So two things happened:

  1. The largest and most up-to-date library in the world provides so many years of false and misleading information stating that the Imia Islands are Greek, or
  2. The Diplomatic Missions of the United States, the European Union, Turkey, and Greece do not know what the Library of Congress is.

And for everyone else... Why have we never researched the most important data source?

Why are we trying to convince those who manage this data source that the Imia Islands are Greek, since they themselves inform us that the Imia Islands are Greek.

Savvas Poulos is an Advisor for Energy Diplomacy & Natural Gas Market Development.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor