DKNY: Fashion designer Donna Karan holidays in Greece

Donna Karan fashion designers

The famous fashion designer, Donna Karan, has been in Greece for a few days now.

Her last post was in front of an old building, while the series of photos she uploaded continued with snapshots through the Acropolis Museum.

"The soul of Greece lives in the ancient ruins and sculptures - a visual history of the past, where time was, still is and will always be," she said, adding that the ancient gods and goddesses of the Greeks were her inspiration.

Earlier, the fashion designer posted videos and photos from boat trips, where she celebrated her 73rd birthday.

"Starting this next year with best friend Carla-rae Prober sailing through sunsets in Greece and finding our calm in the chaos," she wrote on Instagram.

Her first post, of course, was made from Sting's concert on October 3, the singer's birthday.

The well-known fashion designer did not fail to wish him a happy birthday and to comment on how beautiful it is that the two of them have the same birthday.

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