HISTORIC FIRST: Greek Paralympian joins the Gods on Mount Olympus


22-year-old Nikos Papangelis became the first Paralympian to climb Mount Olympus and reach the peak of the famous mountain with an amputated leg.

The young athlete celebrated his amazing achievement on his facebook account where he posted his inspirational account and photos from the Olympian feat and the encouragement to others to follow to "believe in yourself and chase your dreams!"

His message:

"We achieved something that most people considered impossible or impossible, even me !. I became the first man with a foot amputation in Greece who managed to step on the top of Olympus! It was a dream and a goal I had for a long time. So I shared this dream with my friend @marios_giannakou a while ago and told him I wanted to do it.

"He was sure we would be able to climb the highest point in Greece. It was the right time to do it. It is difficult for me to describe in words the feelings and images that I experienced during these two days on Mount Olympus with the whole team.

"Throughout the journey I thought I would not make it! The difficult ascents, the steep paths, and the strange weather conditions made me believe it more and more! But Marios Spyros and the whole team were there and made me believe that we can do it!

"After this fantastic experience I can now say with confidence that nothing is impossible and that everyone can achieve what they really want and have dreamed of!
@marios_giannakou and all the guys who were with us in this unforgettable experience, thank you very much for being part of my goal and dream! Let's go for the next ones!"

Bravo Niko!